Pine Run Farm
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What is pastured poultry?
Pastured Poultry is a unique way of raising birds.  They are raised outdoors in movable shelters, moved daily.  Quite literally, they are raised on a pasture.  I view it as a compromise to the more common term "free-range."  The shelters protect them from predators, yet they still have access to forage and insects and seeds.  These constitute the birds 'natural' diet.  Also sunshine, birds raised in traditional 'houses' never get the benefit of natural sunlight to contribute to their health.  This also keeps the size of the flocks small, preventing overcrowding. 

What do they eat?
I try to keep things as natural and local as possible.  Herbivores eat grass and hay grown on the farm, not grain.  The birds eat, in addition to grass and seeds, a corn and soy mash purchased from the local feedmill.  The mash includes a mineral and probiotic supplement.  I use cornish cross chickens from a hatchery (just like the store, only raised better) and these birds need  more energy to grow to their potential. 
I need to mention a couple of things they do not eat.  No animals are fed antibiotics or other drugs.  The chicken feed contains no arsenic, I go to great lengths to know what my birds eat, I believe what they eat, we eat. 
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