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Quite simply, I believe many small farms will have a positive impact on our world.  This can not be achieved through one huge farm.  Knowing where your food comes from will provide the transparency for you, the consumer, to spend your food dollars where they will do the most good.  Preferably in your local community.  Finally, your involvement and inspection will assure quality. 

You will not find numbers, stats , facts, etc. on this page.  These are simply some beliefs I have, beliefs that drive me to do what I do, hopefully with your support.  If stats and facts are important to you to drive our dialogue, contact me (see contacts page).  I can point you in the direction of those stats, from sources more qualified than I. 

Believe it or not, food does not come from a supermarket.  I have never seen a supermarket with an orchard, a vegetable garden, cows, and some chickens out back.  Too hard to grow anything through all that asphalt.  I have seen plenty of farms with these things growing out back.  Paving over fertile soil to truck in groceries is not progress. 

I do believe humans should respect animals' God given traits.  For example, Cows should be fed grass not grain, as God made them.  Allow me to tell you a story.  My buddy wanted to raise a pig in his backyard for food for his family.  So far, so good.  I gave my support, you can't get any more transparent than raising your own food.  You know what went into that animal, nurture it, watch it grow, and decide when to harvest it.  Then he told me how he wanted to raise it.  He did not want the pig to stink up his yard.  His plan was to lay down a rubber mat, the kind gyms put on the floor, and fence it in.  This way the pig would not get dirty and smell (his words).  At this point I no longer supported his venture.  Pigs can not sweat.  They wallow in mud and water to cool down and protect their skin from the sun.  In my opinion, this is not the proper way for humans to respect the pig or the Creator, and I told my friend this.  Applying our human notions of how things should be is not always the best for other species.  Allowing a pig to wallow is natural, the way God made them.  By the way, my friend never followed through with his plan. 

These are some core beliefs that drive me to be a farmer with ecological concerns.  I saw a quote once and can't remember who said it.  Went like this, "This land is not a gift from our fathers, but a loan from our children." 
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